About Us

Who We Are:
Hayes & Company was created specifically to research, process and return old account receivables to businesses throughout the United States. When you are contacted by us, you can be assured we have good funds ready to be delivered to your company in a prompt and professional manner.

Our Mission:
With over 5 billion dollars nationwide and growing of these type of accounts, it became apparent there was a tremendous void and a great need in providing a service to successfully assist businesses in being reunited with their funds. Currently in our 24th year of operation, Hayes & Company has streamlined the process so our clients can concentrate their efforts on what they do best... their business.

Our Results:
Since 1998, Hayes & Company has processed and returned over $95 million to businesses previously unaware of their good fortune. Incorporating the latest research technology has assisted us in achieving a 99.9% success rate for our clients. Please see our clients list of companies that have been paid through our services.

Our 100% Guarantee:
Hayes & Company has never requested an initial payment for its services. Our fee will be paid only after services have been completed and your company has received payment. Simply stated - No Recovery, No Fee

Click here for a BBB Business Review Report showing Hayes & Company with an A+ rating.
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